How to Coach, Not Just Teach: Coaches Question-Teachers Tell OnDemand Course v1.0

Looking to build unquestionable real estate success you can see and measure? Full Throttle Coaching will maximize your potential by guiding you through the difficult first stages of business development. These programs are applicable for coaches, brokers, teams, agents, and trainers.

In How to Coach, Not Just Teach: Coaches Question—Teachers Tell, you will develop the lifelong skills real estate agents need to succeed in their careers. You will learn how to coach team members to be effective, how keeping team members accountable leads to results, and how to individualize your coaching to benefit you and your team members. You’ll be enrolled in KnowledgeDNA™—an easy activity planning and tracking system to keep yourself accountable and on track to reach your goals.

Key Benefits:
  • Eight free weeks of KDNA™
  • Easy to follow tips about how to be an effective coach
  • Informative OnDemand videos you can watch anytime
  • Session 1: Why Do We Need Coaching and What’s In It for Me?
  • Session 2: The 80/20 Rule for Both Teachers and Coaches
  • Session 3: Coaches Question, Teachers Tell
  • Session 4: Accountability Creates Results
  • Session 5: Resilience Training, Rejection Proofing
  • Session 6: How to Make Coaching Work for Me

Online and OnDemand, PRE and POST Session Coaching Videos plus 20 to 30 Minute Content Videos for each Chapter of every Module. Click here for an Introductory video.

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